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Articles highlighting the benefits of automation and chat-based solutions for various industries. Mintor’s chat-based solutions radically enhance business performance, while empowering millions of people anywhere and anytime. 

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HR Solutions

HR Tech: Unlock the future of employee engagement

What are the benefits of tech in HR and how can Mintor’s chat-based solutions help to enhance and expedite HR processes?

Recruitment Solutions

Empowering the Future: The Importance of Youth Development in South Africa

Ensuring that young people have access to education, skills training, employment opportunities, and healthcare is crucial for their well-being and for the overall development of the nation.

Recruitment Solutions

How to receive and give a better candidate experience

Smart ways you can use Mintor’s chat-based solutions to find candidates fast, help to improve the candidate experience and help them through the recruitment process on their favourite chat app.

Operational Efficiency

How to improve workforce experience and productivity 

A positive workforce experience contributes to higher employee satisfaction and engagement.

Chat-based Solutions

Improve employee experience with the use of innovative technology

There is a major shift from employee engagement to employee experience and creating caring working environments. Many cost-effective methods can help deliver a great employee experience from employee well-being to creating safe working conditions.

HR Solutions

Advantages of HR support via WhatsApp vs bespoke mobile apps

There is no doubt that mobile apps can help HR teams streamline operations, improve communication, and reduce costs when managing a large workforce in remote locations. There are several reasons why HR teams should consider using apps for HR support. But why consider HR support & ESS via WhatsApp?