Who We Are

Leànne Viviers

Co-founder & CEO

MBA in Social Entrepreneurship from Oxford

10+ yrs in IT & Consulting (UK, USA, Africa)

Former World Bank global program manager:

SME skills development in 40 countries, 5m users

Kripa Rajshekhar

Co-founder & Board Member

Former Partner at Ernst & Young (EY)

Co-founder of EY’s US Corporate Finance Strategy practice

Start up experience at 4 firms, currently CEO and

co-founder of Metonymy Labs

Our Vision

The skills gap is a global issue. By 2020, there is predicted to be 48 million new job seekers pa, and a shortage of 84 million mid-high level skills.

Mintor’s advanced skills matching and online task delivery platform helps address this problem by reducing businesses’ cost of access to technical skills across regions, improving the mechanisms for project delivery and connecting employers and students sooner in a low risk work environment.

By facilitating students and businesses’ collaboration on high impact projects, we aim to provide tertiary students with far more opportunities to build market relevant skills and credibility, and progressive businesses with a structure to cost-efficiently vet students as potential future hires while getting pending tasks done.

Students are an incredible pool of untapped millennial talent. They are digitally savvy, multi-taskers, social network experts, innovative, and strong on processing lots of information quickly. We believe that students have skills that could fuel business growth with new energy and the latest tech expertise.

We are passionate about the large scale socio-economic purpose of Mintor: helping students and businesses grow.

Thought Leaders

Christine Bombal

Director and owner of Flamingo Marketing

Formerly the digital marketing executive of Old Mutual



joeJoe Anhalt

Marketing Manager at Interior Define, a Chicago-based startup

Formerly part of the early team behind SpotHero

www.joeanhalt.com/growth-stage-startup-learnings; Spothero-slides


4727d7_8105f35a69994694b7ea6a49baf78dc2.jpg_srz_p_142_140_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Lee Schneider

Creative director at Red Cup, a Santa Monica agency that serves startups and entrepreneurs

Marketing and PR lecturer at General Assembly. Author of  a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Startups.




Susan Rapp

Founder & CEO at Covetboard, a social network, e-commerce platform

Formerly worked for technology startups, e-commerce companies and a web series production company.



Jack Orsulak

VP of User Experience and Strategy at Emerging360

Formerly creative director and/or user experience strategy lead for 8+ tech start-ups in Silicon Valley



Matt Chiera

CEO & Founder of Ice Nine Online, a digital marketing company

App Developer: “DecideGuide Chicago”

icenineonline.com5 Essentials – Free Marketing ToolsLearn to Speak Digital Marketing



Yann Girard

“I’m an entrepreneur, an author, a speaker and I love photography”

Formerly started, advised and supported several startups throughout the world

The Bootstrapper’s Ultimate Bible to Social Mediawww.yanngirard.com/blog.html