Digital Transformation

Mintor is an award-winning HR solution that connects organisational systems with chat-based apps that people already use. Digitisation via WhatsApp and AI-powered tools improve employee engagement, enable workforce development and enhance operational efficiency.

HR Support

Community Support

Connecting & Empowering Your Workforce


Chat-based solution for smartphones and feature phones.


Deep reach into rural and urban areas with limited data.


Chatbot and AI automation improve HR efficiency.


Employee self service and learning that helps your workforce grow.


Simple implementation with HR systems and WhatsApp.

Real change, real results

How can our HR Solutions help your business?

HR Transformation

Mintor is a low-data HR solution that reaches rural and urban areas.

Operational Efficiency

WhatsApp and AI-powered tools automate HR workflows and time-consuming admin tasks.
Employee Engagement
A workforce self-service solution that connects your employees anywhere, at any time.
Workforce Development

A chat-based training and recruitment solution to grow your workforce.

Secure Digitisation

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption provides an additional layer for data protection and privacy.

Leading Change

We close the digital divide by reaching deep within communities to upskill and empower job seekers.

Trusted by global brands and industries

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Making a difference

“Mintor helps us so much and has made the process of screening candidates 100 times easier and quicker!”

Shihaam Gamiet

Recruitment Lead, I&J Trawling, AVI Group

“The shortlist we received through Mintor platform was head and shoulders above the rest.”

Waldo Adams

Executive Director, EDS Holdings

“Mintor’s platform enables us to provide women from rural and marginalised communities with professional-looking CVs and skills profiles to bring them one step closer to becoming economically active.”

Berné Leuvennink

Executive Manager, Beulah Africa Foundation

“They not only met our requirements within an extremely short time, they exceeded them.”

Michelle van der Merwe

Strategic Key Account Manager, Primeserv HR Solutions

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