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Application & Registration

Application and Registration Process Automation

Enable people to participate in any application process. Apply, sign up or register for jobs, development programs, courses, funding and more.


Blue collar employee and deskless workforce recruitment. Sift between the masses, include local communities and make jobs accessible to all.


Program registration, funding applications, supply chain procurement, tenders and bursary applications.

Supplier Management

Enable suppliers to gain access to tender opportunities, notifications and application processes.

Community Programs

Registering for or applying to participate in community development and education programs.

Health Care Services

Patient registration and self-diagnostics digitally captured and accessible to healthcare workers locally and remotely.

Chat-based Learning

Bite-sized learning from anywhere, anytime

Educate anyone, anywhere from skills training, self-learning, onboarding, and development to policies and procedures.

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding of new policies & procedures, safety training & tracking, ongoing education on processes and best practice Training on the go, any time and place.

Skills Training On The Job

Provide easy learning processes for already overworked staff and resources that are under extra pressure. Let them choose the best time and place to learn.

Rural Self-paced Learning

Upskill people, entrepreneurs or sole-traders in marginalised and rural communities.

Life Skills Development

Upskill communities for example soft skills, entrepreneurship, interview skills, job readiness, gender based violence and financial literacy.

Healthcare Education

Educate patients, family & support groups on health condition, available support and aftercare guidance.


Surveys and feedback, easy and accessible to all

Deep-reaching surveys from monitoring and evaluation, assessments and customer feedback to community engagement

Workforce Engagement

Give employees a voice with opinion polls, employee improvement suggestions, reporting of risks, incident reporting, safety checks and audits.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Significantly increase response-rate and reduce time on monitoring & evaluation of programs and impact reporting after program completion.

Community Engagement

Community needs and information analysis including housing surveys, skills and needs assessments.

Research Projects

Research communities and gain far-reaching insights to help design new

Health Surveys

Patient aftercare follow up to improve patient support and services provided.

Information Sharing

Information and document sharing, 100% digitally enabled

Information and document sharing including user profiles, employee self-service, broadcasting, leave requests, payslips, timesheets, support and Q&A.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Chat-based broadcasting, leave requests, digital payslips, time sheets, support and Q&A. Streamline HR admin, operations and engagement.

FAQ's & Information Library

Ease of access to information in the format of chat-message text, documents, images or video.


Automate notifications for example new jobs or contracts, and reminders for example complete a survey or a task.

Community Engagement

People engagement automation, employee record updates, accessing information, document sharing, communication, FAQ’s and employee Self-Support.

Information Sharing

Broadcasting important information to communities to keep them informed and give them a voice to respond.

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