Purpose-built chat solutions that leave no-one behind

With 85% of job seekers and workers already using WhatsApp, our intuitive AI-enabled tools allow organisations to reach and support anyone, anywhere, at any time, in a radically more efficient manner.

Our vision is to impact billions globally – leaving no-one behind.

Omnichannel chatbot solution

Mintor tools connect existing organisational systems with chat apps that people already use. We develop, customise and deploy chatbot and AI tools that streamline business processes and community-impact programmes, freeing up managers from repetitive paperwork and helping them to focus more on people.

We believe in radically enhancing business performance, while empowering millions of digitally disconnected communities and employees, wherever they may be.

How can Mintor’s chat-based solutions help your business?

Boost productivity and operational efficiency

Streamline processes and automate repetitive admin-heavy tasks.

Enhance workforce engagement

A connected workforce and supply chain achieve business goals faster.

Continuous learning and education

Transform your development and retention strategies with chat-based continuous learning

Reach beyond the digital and physical divide

Bridge the need for computers and face-to-face by reaching people in their favourite chat app.

Leading change and making an impact

Reach deep within rural and urban communities to upskill and empower.

Easy integration with existing systems

Our chat-based tools integrate with existing business systems and chat apps that end-users already use.

Accessible any time anywhere

Mintor is a leader in chat-based solutions for human engagement, with world-first innovations such as our WhatsApp CV-builder tool and comprehensive chat-based Employee Self Service functionality.

Awards & recognitions

Social impact partners

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