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Articles highlighting the benefits of automation and chat-based solutions for various industries. Mintor’s chat-based solutions radically enhance business performance, while empowering millions of people anywhere and anytime. 

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Surveys and M&E

Celebrating Fetola’s support to 100 young entrepreneurs

Celebrating Fetola’s support to 100 young entrepreneurs on their personal growth and economic empowerment journey – shaping a brighter future together!

Chat-based Solutions

Scale your global education initiatives with Mintor’s Chat-Based Learning

Mintor’s chat-based learning, auto-facilitated by Chatbots, is a powerful platform for making training affordable and accessible at scale.

Chat-based Learning

Learning via Whatsapp – fad or fact?

Accessible and flexible learning solutions make more sense, ensuring that your workforce learn at their own pace, language and place. But does it really result in increased knowledge and change in behaviour?

HR Solutions

AI trends in HR for 2024

HR priorities for 2024 include the strategic growth and development of their people, enhanced employee experiences, and promotion of diversity and inclusion while maintaining consistent growth, operational efficiencies, and cost savings.

HR Solutions

Learn how to reduce payslip admin with technology

With a significant portion of payroll functions tied up in administrative tasks, there’s a growing demand to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

Workforce Engagement

The importance of engaging frontline workers

What are the benefits of AI-based employee self-service? Streamlined communication, access to resources, automated self-service, adaptive learning experiences, work-life balance support…