Payslip management via WhatsApp

Enable employees to receive and query payslips via WhatsApp, submit and manage leave requests and update their personal information anywhere, anytime.

Ask any HR manager about their least favourite task and payslip management is likely to be near the top of the list. It’s not for lack of care for their employees, but due to the amount of time and effort this seemingly simple task takes.

It’s made even harder when some or all of the employees work remotely, leading to an increase in delays, miscommunications and mix-ups. This increases the demand on the HR team and often means the employee experience and quality of support suffer.

Processes like this need to be automated, we teamed up with some of the most popular payroll systems globally to make this happen and bring this idea to life so HR managers can spend more time focusing on people and less on paperwork.

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With the rise in remote working fuelled by COVID-19, the number of HR people working in a traditional office setting continues to dwindle. This means it is not necessarily possible to simply hand an employee their payslip and be done with it. The process has become decidedly more complicated especially if you manage a large out-of-office workforce.

These days, most payslips are issued digitally, helping to save companies money and paper. But in a country like South Africa, not everyone has the means to receive these payslips. In fact, more than a third of the population doesn’t have access to mobile data or a computer. And if the payslips were to be printed and posted to rural areas, this would only further increase the time and money spent. This means the issuing and receipt of a payslip can be a long, drawn-out process that is far more difficult than it need be.

What if payslip management could happen via WhatsApp?

The instant message service is already used by 85% of South Africans, meaning many of the concerns about access are diluted. By teaming up with popular payroll systems globally, Mintor is making this happen. This will enable employees to receive and query payslips via WhatsApp, submit and manage leave requests and update their personal information – on the go through their mobile chats, anywhere, anytime.

The aim is to improve HR processes and help close the digital divide between businesses and the remote workforce. Printing and posting of payslips is a thing of the past and now just about anyone can receive their payslips almost instantly. Employees who might otherwise have had difficulty in accessing HR support and requesting payslips can now be helped with ease and efficiency. This will not only make HR managers’ lives easier but have a major positive impact on marginalised communities.  

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