Learning via Whatsapp – fad or fact?

Accessible and flexible learning solutions make more sense, ensuring that your workforce learn at their own pace, language and place. But does it really result in increased knowledge and change in behaviour?

According to a study at Dresden University, microlearning learning can improve information retention by 22% more than standard learning approaches. A recent asssement by Deloitte’s demonstrates that employees have only 4.8 minutes per day for learning and development further highlighting the need for byte-sized learning in the workplace.

The traditional office learning model with travelling constraints is not compatible with the demands of disconnected communities or the deskless workforce. People have limited access to the Internet, making it challenging to allocate large chunks of time for learning. This is where accessible and flexible learning solutions make more sense, ensuring that your workforce learn at their own pace and on their own terms. 

We are at the forefront of providing innovative learning solutions, accessible and affordable to all.

  • Mintor enables bite-sized learning breaking down complex topics into smaller, digestible learning units, and delivered via WhatsApp, a chat app that most people have access to and engage intuitively with.

  • Bite-sized learning aligns perfectly with fast-paced or disconnected living, making it easier to access and retain information and shift towards changing habits and impactful skills development.

  • Mintor’s chat-based learning allows multimedia content delivery, including text, images, and videos, ensuring engaging and diverse learning content. This dynamic approach keeps learners motivated and actively engaged in the learning process.

  • Chat-based learning can also be fun. Mintor builds in gamification that incentives learners through inter-team leaderboards and achievement recognition.

  • One of the most significant advantages of Mintor’s tools is the ability to empower learning anytime, anywhere. With content delivered through WhatsApp your workforce can learn on the go.

Mintor Chat-based Learning Use Case:

Mintor developed a daily habit-building WhatsApp tool for Nxt-9 with continuous leadership training through byte-sized content and goal-achievement activities. The tool motivates users to engage through gamification and team-scoring leaderboards.

Nxt-9 is delivering this solution to FNB’s business banking clients with astounding results including a 90% twice-daily engagement over 3 months.

What a great example of byte-size learning via WhatsApp that people use daily to make a difference in their personal and professional development.

“Mintor’s WhatsApp Bot enables on-the-go continual learning for enhanced management behavioural change among thousands of the businesses that we support, including FNB’s business banking clients.” Jason Goldberg, CEO, Nxt-9

This is how Mintor’s Chat-based learning works:


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