Scale your global education initiatives with Mintor’s Chat-Based Learning

Mintor’s chat-based learning, auto-facilitated by Chatbots, is a powerful platform for making training affordable and accessible at scale.

The global microlearning market is projected to reach USD 2.7 billion by 2024 according to The Global Forecast to 2024 released by MarketsandMarkets.

Mintor’s chat-based learning is a powerful platform for scalable microlearning and behavioural change in the corporate and nonprofit space. Here are some applications of Mintor’s chat-based training:

  • Employee Training: Microlearning via WhatsApp is a convenient way to efficiently onboard employees and to provide volunteers employees with short snippets of training materials that cover essential topics such as organisational values, safety procedures, communication skills, and specific tasks relevant to their roles anywhere in the world.

  • Education: WhatsApp-based learning can make education accessible and affordable to a much larger portion of the population than otherwise possible, for example educating communities on financial literacy, refreshing school students on key learning points, instilling productivity habits in employees across the organisation.

  • Remote and Global Reach: Many organisations non-profits manage cross-regional initiatives and rely on remote teams, supporters, or volunteers. Chat-based microlearning platforms can facilitate training and communication regardless of their location.

  • Awareness Campaigns: Microlearning can be a powerful tool for raising awareness about social issues, health issues, and early detection initiatives.

  • Fundraising and Donor Engagement: Non-profits can use microlearning to educate donors and supporters about their causes, impact, and fundraising initiatives on a chat app that they already use. Short videos, infographics, and interactive modules can help to distribute key messages, statistics, and success stories via WhatsApp.

Mintor’s Whatsapp-based Bots empower the whole workforce:

“Mintor’s Whatsapp-based training Bots enable us to make our corporate leadership training on wellbeing, engagement, team development and psychological safety accessible and affordable to all levels of employees across the company. Our clients have been dreaming about this for years, and now we are making it possible. Connecting people, at scale. 

We launched recently, yet the impact has already been notable with our largest client reporting that: teams have been connecting in new and meaningful ways, real conversations happen, we feel shifts in trust and openness, and feedback happens spontaneously. This is of great value!” Dina Oelofsen, The Well

Mintor's Chat-based Learning Platform has impacted many lives:

An award-winning international educational initiative, FAST Heroes educates millions of children and their parents across 27 countries on stroke symptoms and preventative actions, transformed their classroom and web-based training to chat-based delivery through Mintor’s chatbots and reached many more via WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger. Now, parents can access training on the go during their busy schedules and detect signs of stroke early on in their elderly communities. This health education approach empowers families to become frontline healthcare when and where it is needed most.

See how Mintor’s Chat-based learning works:


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