Upskilling and empowering your workforce

Ensuring the efficiency and development of your workforce is difficult without the added complication of trying to achieve it remotely.

Ensuring the efficiency and development of your workforce is difficult without the added complication of trying to achieve it remotely. We understand the challenge HR managers face, and with an endless stack of documents requiring attention, it’s no wonder it starts to become more about the paperwork and less about the people. But if the goal is upskilling and empowering employees, they need to be provided with more effective support. That’s where we come in. Our tools are designed to assist HR managers; by streamlining processes, we allow them more time to focus on the people. Read more …  

A key challenge in South Africa is that more than a third of the population doesn’t have access to the tools or support they need to do a good job or even keep it. They might lack a computer, mobile data or an in-person HR manager to help them perform their duties. This makes it particularly difficult for them to carry out administrative tasks such as applying for leave, logging hours or accessing payslips. It also means they often don’t receive sufficient training and never have the opportunity to upskill and grow on the job.

HR support for a large non-office-based workforce can be challenging

HR managers are required to support the needs of many non-office-based workers and attend to their queries remotely. This can be time-consuming and often means HR efficiency and quality suffer. HR managers inevitably find themselves unable to give each worker the attention they require. The main paperwork might be completed, but the provision of any additional training or support is unfortunately not possible.

Moreover, amid a global pandemic, it has been the duty of HR teams, in particular, to ensure that companies remain operational. This has accelerated the evolution of the HR operating model and required more fluid and dynamic organisation. Specifically, one of the top CHRO priorities post-COVID-19 is the digitalisation of HR and gathering, analysing, and acting on employee data to make more informed decisions.

Our HR chat-based tools provide the solution to these problems. By processing all HR tasks through WhatsApp – already used by 85% of South Africans – accessibility is immediately and significantly improved. Numerous employees can submit HR requests simultaneously and receive instant support, eliminating time-consuming email and paperwork admin at both ends. Employees are empowered to take more responsibility in tracking their hours, leave and pay. HR managers are freed from repetitive tasks and can focus on providing more specialised employee support instead. Moreover, Mintor can be used to provide faster and more effective skills training. This encourages employee development that might otherwise be hard to achieve remotely and, in turn, fosters the development of the overall organisation or business.

In developing tools that improve HR processes, we’re helping to close the digital divide between businesses and the remote workforce. Employees who might otherwise have had little or no access to HR support can be helped with ease and efficiency. While this is incredibly beneficial to the functioning of the business, the most important result will be the positive impact on marginalised communities by bringing connection to the digitally disconnected.

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