WhatsApp can help you save 80% on recruitment time

A business must work and keep on working for business owners, consumers, and employees alike. The reality is that businesses have very little time to constantly work on inefficiencies. The first point of departure is finding smarter ways to streamline the most admin-heavy tasks. This makes more time available for innovation and managing the most important HR and operational tasks that will improve business performance. 

We supported a large company in the fishing industry, I&J (AVI Group), to transform their traditional paper-based job application process into a chat-based solution through Mintor’s WhatsApp recruitment tool. Read more …  

For the first time, workforce applicants can apply from anywhere in the country right in their favourite app. This process uses very little data and save travel cost to repeat interviews. Candidates apply via WhatsApp and only need to travel to I&J offices for their final interview after they’ve been screened and shortlisted by Mintor’s matching algorithm.

As a result of this chat-based and AI-driven process, I&J doubled their usual number of applicants and saved 80% on their recruitment time by not having to deal with repetitive administrative work, hence freeing up time for the HR team to focus on other employee needs. 

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