Satisfying the learning needs of a diverse workforce

Successfully managing a modern industrial workforce’s training, learning, and professional development requires a creative and innovative approach to some complex challenges.

Successfully managing a modern industrial workforce’s training, learning, and professional development requires a creative and innovative approach to some complex challenges. It is more common than not for a workforce to have presence across a wide geographical area, multiple time zones and to represent diverse cultures speaking a variety of languages. To be effective for businesses and their workforce, employee training and development content and its delivery must promote efficient learning, while enhancing job satisfaction and performance. Some typical applications are in communicating changes to HR processes and practices, corporate compliance training, health and safety guidelines, soft skills training, basic skills relating to business efficiency and so on.  Read more …  

Satisfying the Needs of a Diverse Workforce

Old-school textbooks do not fit the bill when it comes to training the present-day and evolving workforce.

For a diversity of language speakers to benefit from the same training requires an adaptive platform familiar enough to users that they can benefit from and navigate it intuitively with existing skills and understanding. Learning management systems in multiple languages combined with chat or WhatsApp provide an ideal solution where users can feel acknowledged while benefitting from material delivered in their home language.

Maintaining Performance and Saving Time

Traditional workforce training approaches remove people from the workplace for a significant time, negatively impacting job satisfaction and performance. In addition to reduced production, the associated travel, venue hire, catering and facilitator expenses further burden cost efficiency in business.

Platforms making use of interactive chat-based learning and training provide an immediately accessible option for the workforce to engage with training material with minimal negative impact on productivity in the short-term, and improved retention and productivity over time.

Workforce Engagement While Training

Chat-based learning provides a win-win solution for businesses and their workforce.

Online video training platforms and bite-sized intuitive learning approaches stimulate an engaged workforce who develop and grow at their own pace, in their home language, and in their preferred learning style.

Engagement Across Multiple Locations and Time Zones

Conventional training solutions encounter difficult logistical and coordination challenges where they have a workforce presence across multiple areas and time zones.

Mintor’s chat-based training provide effective online learning and development solutions at a lower cost, for businesses facing the challenge of a workforce with a vast geographical footprint. Typical applications include new employee onboarding, business processes and policy updates in their favorite chat app for example WhatsApp.

Currency of Learning Material

Where there are frequent changes to products, policies and procedures, or any other aspect of business that the workforce needs to be up to date with, integrating information into training material and distributing this is made simple through chat-based training and bite-sized steps distributed via chat apps. These solutions provide a convenient and centralized distribution system for critical information updates.

Workforce Ease of Access to Training

Low-income households face unique challenges in access to learning and development opportunities. Online chat services provide low-cost, easy access solutions using familiar technologies. 

Professional Development

With workforce retention having a directly proportionate relationship to professional development, online learning platforms provide easy-to-access solutions for a diverse scope of employees. Employees who are empowered to progress professionally by their business are more likely to be retained.

Innovative Solutions for the Modern World

Businesses are provoked to rise to the challenge when it comes to their workers’ learning and development needs, while simultaneously facing contemporary circumstantial challenges. Chat-based solutions provide a seamless transition to familiar and accessible platforms for both businesses and their workforce. Online video and bite-sized learning technologies provide innovative, inclusive and effective solutions, empowering and inspiring all members of a diverse workforce. 

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