Workforce Engagement: Create the positive, instead of avoiding the negative

For a workforce to feel engaged with their business and leadership, they need a hassle-free means of communication as well as a quick turnaround time for responses.

Traditional workforce engagement strategies very often take the approach of mitigating errors, inefficiencies, negative experiences and so forth. While an approach focusing on these aspects may smooth out and increase the efficiency of workforce engagement processes, it would by nature not be an active engagement with human beings on the frontline. An holistic approach to workforce engagement necessarily includes actively increasing peoples satisfaction, happiness on the job, buy-in to areas of responsibility, stress reduction, clear and relevant communication, acknowledgement and appreciation.


This may sound like a tall order, however WhatsApp chat-based technologies provide a simple, familiar and intuitive solution. Read more …  

Closing The Communication Gap

For a workforce to feel engaged with their business and leadership, they need a hassle-free means of communication as well as a quick turnaround time for responses. Old-school paper-based communication and logistical processes are inherently slow, insecure, and inefficient. Digital chat-based communication solutions make it extremely easy for frontline workers to send and receive information instantaneously, securely, and with the aid of automation allow for immediate responses in many cases.  Digital communication processes also feature the opportunity to collate, track, and review data at leadership level, providing real-time insight into workforce experiences, ideas, and scenarios.

These technologies directly lead to efficient use of time, smoother processes, reduced workload, and human error.

Attention to Relationship and Task

WhatsApp chat solutions are a powerful solution to the relationship disconnect some workforces may feel with their HR resources and leadership. Instead of being subject to using painful archaic paper-based systems and suffering the unique logistical challenges of work in isolated areas, the remote workforce can be empowered by making use of existing and familiar technology for routine HR functions, communication of professional growth interests, and other supportive HR functions.


The same digital platforms provide channels for communicating important policy and product updates, reporting, health and safety requirements, providing information for leadership insight into frontline workforce experiences and the impact of strategic decisions. Faster information flow through digital channels has an invaluable impact on health and safety systems, with the potential to reduce safety occurrences, alongside increased access to reporting platforms, and the opportunity to respond almost instantaneously to events. The workforce experiences an active engagement in work due to having a highly functional and readily available communication channel. With regards to customer engagement, the leadership can prepare their workforce for productive responses to customers if circumstances demand.


For business, the result is both an effective workforce who feel acknowledged and appreciated, and an effective communication channel with leadership.

Overcoming Typical Challenges

With over 2 billion people already intimately familiar with WhatsApp as a chat platform, it is an easy transition to integrating it as a chat-based solution for business. Intuitive design and menu-based options make it simple for newer and older generations to get the hang of.

The evolution to WhatsApp chat-based solutions can be done in a stepped and timely way as a trial in integrating business processes, to win over those who may feel uncertain, and as a way to familiarize the business with the new system.

The benefits of positive workforce engagement

Digital communication with chat-based platforms makes for intuitive, simple and low-effort workforce engagement. Leadership is afforded insight into workforce experiences, ideas and interests at a glance in real-time.

The workforce is empowered by integration of multiple services, processes, reporting systems and more, all on familiar and understandable technology.

The transition from traditional paper processes to digital is not only simpler than expected, but it opens up a realm of new possibilities which simply were not available before. Faster and more efficient communication up and downstream makes for safer, more productive, and more satisfied frontline employees.

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