A guide to automate your HR processes with WhatsApp and Chatbots

Automation is possible by streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency with chatbots and WhatsApp integration. Here are a few practical examples of HR automation:

Did you know that you can send your payslips instantly via WhatsApp? Imagine a world where onboarding and automation are a breeze, team performance is at your fingertips 24/7, and employees are in the loop and engaged. 

Recruitment and Onboarding Simplified

WhatsApp automation, driven by chatbots, transforms the candidate recruitment and onboarding experience. By automating initial candidate screenings, HR professionals can save valuable time while ensuring that only qualified candidates move forward. Onboarding processes are streamlined through automated welcome messages and information sharing, creating a positive first impression and helping new employees understand company culture.

Performance Management Made Easy

Efficient performance management is vital for organisational success. WhatsApp automation helps in automating performance reviews and goal setting. Timely, consistent performance review messages, and automated feedback ensure that employees stay on track, contributing to individual and business goals.

Improve Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are at the heart of any successful organisation. WhatsApp automation facilitates regular updates, rewards, and feedback. Automated messages keep employees informed about company news and events, while rewards and acknowledgement messages contribute to a culture of appreciation. Chatbots also play a role in gathering feedback, emphasising the value placed on employee feedback and continuous improvement.

Streamlining Repetitive HR Administration

WhatsApp automation takes HR administrative tasks to the next level. Leave management, payslips, expense management, and document management become more efficient and convenient. Custom chatbots, built with Mintor’s chat-based solutions, empower employees to manage tasks seamlessly through WhatsApp, saving time for both employees and your HR team.

Here is a guide to digitising processes with WhatsApp:

1. Identify HR processes for digitisation, for instance recruitment, onboarding, performance management, employee engagement, leave management, attendance tracking, expense management, payslips, and document management.

2. Understand where chatbots cab be utitlised effectively for automation. Chatbots can handle routine tasks. Chatbots can conduct initial candidate screenings, send automated welcome messages during onboarding, and automate performance review reminders.

3. Choose an automation platform that integrates with other HR tools like Mintor’s omnichannel chatbot solution that integrate HR & Payroll, LMS, CRM, ERP and ATS with chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and Signal.

Mintor tools connect existing organisational systems with chat apps that people already use. We develop, customise and deploy chatbot and AI tools that streamline business processes and community-impact programmes, freeing up managers from repetitive paperwork and helping them to focus more on people.


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