Workforce experience and productivity can rocket with Whatsapp HR tools

A positive workforce experience contributes to higher employee satisfaction and engagement.

When employees feel valued and supported in their roles, they are more likely to stay with an organisation. This reduces turnover, which can be costly and disruptive for businesses. A satisfied and engaged workforce tends to be more productive and perform at a higher level. When employees have a positive experience at work, they are motivated to give their best effort. Investing in the improvement of the workforce experience is vital for employee satisfaction, retention, productivity, and employee well-being. By creating a positive and supportive work environment, organisations can foster a culture of engagement and care. Here are some ways to save time and money and get more actively engaged with your workforce: 

  • Reduce repetitive tasks.
  • Set clear objectives for workdays.
  • Provide training and learning support.
  • Engage with your employees.

Reduce repetitive tasks

Repetitive tasks like collecting payslips, applying for leave or submitting time sheets are not simple tasks if your workforce is working in remote locations with limited access to the Internet or data. Make your employee experience more accessible with chat-based self-service (ESS).  Make it easy for employees to access basic HR tasks like leave requests, payslips and time sheets with WhatsApp and chat-based solutions. It doesn’t just save them time and money, but it also ensures they have time to focus on the work tasks that are critical to your organisation’s performance. 

Set clear objectives for workdays

Build an informational library that can be accessed anywhere. Create clear objectives for each role, from basic skills to more complex tasks and help your employees perform their roles with confidence. As a line manager, it is not always possible to be everywhere to answer questions about specific tasks. Chat-based FAQs, job descriptions, objectives and task lists make it easy for employees to access information about their specific roles at any time. Automate notifications to remind all employees where they can find useful information to help them be more productive on a daily basis. 

Provide training and learning support

Automate employee onboarding and remind employees where they can access important information about policies and procedures to help them perform well in their roles. Give them something to aspire to with ongoing learning and basic skills training so that they feel more empowered to perform in their current roles and see the potential for future growth. Procedure updates are vital to maintaining quality and productivity while giving your workforce a sense of purpose. 

Engage with your employees

Give your employees a voice with opinion polls, employee suggestions, safety checks, and risk and incident reports. Involve employees in decisions that impact them the most from community challenges, and transport to safety and procedural challenges. Let your remote teams know they are part of a larger project and vision by recognising their contributions on a regular basis via WhatsApp notifications. Chat-based notifications are the easiest way to let your entire workforce know that their achievements contribute to the performance of the business. 

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