No business can win long-term without engaged employees

What is employee engagement? It is the cornerstone to every successful business model. No business can win in the long-term without engaged employees.

What is employee engagement? It is the cornerstone of every successful business model. No business can win in the long-term without engaged employees. These are the people who are actively involved and enthusiastic about their work, and willing to go above and beyond their job description. Without them, a business will struggle to grow and succeed. 

With the right approach, it’s certainly possible to improve your employees’ connection to the company, and Mintor can help you take a step in this direction. In particular, by using Mintor’s tools to implement a continuous learning strategy, you can greatly improve your chances of retaining employees for longer. Read more …  

To understand why employee engagement is so important and how your business can benefit, think about how a company operates. While CEOs and managers may be responsible for the big-picture decisions, employees are doing the day-to-day work that will either lead to a successful outcome or damage the organisation’s reputation.

If an employee is engaged, rather than simply logging their hours each week, they will be more likely to care about success, Studies across multiple businesses have found that organisations which have an effective employee engagement strategy enjoy far better levels in work performance than those that don’t. For instance, these companies experience far less absenteeism, improved product quality and better customer loyalty. Most importantly, those with an engaged workforce can see an 18% increase in productivity and a 23% rise in profitability. 

These statistics make it seem like a no-brainer – a focus on employee engagement should be a key aspect of any business strategy. But how do you go about doing this and go on to reap the rewards? A lot of it comes down to managers, whose role should be to ensure employees are appropriately coached, supported and celebrated. Often, the problem is that these inputs are provided too sporadically for them to make any real difference to how staff feel. Employee engagement is an ongoing process and it needs to be constantly fostered if it is to succeed. It is not enough to receive a good salary and the occasional thumbs-up. Instead, the keys to driving engagement are the existence of a clear job purpose, an emphasis on individual employee strengths and talents, and the opportunity for career development. 

Continuous learning is a particularly good strategy for keeping employees engaged and retaining them for longer.

If employees feel as if they have opportunities for development and the chance to move up the ladder, they are more likely to work harder. One way this can be implemented in an established business is through a self-service training system. Mintor’s chat-based tools integrate seamlessly with existing platforms and processes, meaning they are simple to introduce. By giving access to training through WhatsApp – already used by 85% of South Africans – the Mintor tools ensure all employees can be connected. They can access any number of resources the business might provide, helping them to feel supported and more likely to stick with the company. 

By choosing Mintor, you can close the divide between your business and its employees, stay connected, and ensure your employees get the help and support they need. In turn, this will help to enhance engagement, as well as the future success of the business. 

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