Ways to radically enhance employee engagement

Engaged employees are hard-working, motivated, and willing to go above and beyond their job description.

Effective employee engagement is important if you want your business to grow and succeed. Engaged employees are hard-working, motivated, and willing to go above and beyond their job description. However, in the post-Covid world, employers face a new reality which makes  achieving this company goal more complicated. What can they do to keep up with this shift, support employee wellbeing and improve corporate learning? Mintor helps businesses enhance their employee engagement without having to completely restructure the process. By integrating with existing platforms and processes, Mintor makes it easier for a business to promote learning, inclusivity and wellbeing for its employees. Read more …  

It goes without saying that the Covid pandemic has changed life considerably, both personally and professionally. Physical and mental health has suffered, leaving many people much more focused on their wellbeing. Companies are shifting to remote-based work or a hybrid office set-up. Employers are having to find new ways to employ talent and ensure adequate training of their staff. With all of these changes, it is understandable that businesses fear the need for complete restructuring – something which is likely to be admin-heavy, and require lots of time and money. 

However, these changes are necessary if a business wants to thrive in the new world of work. It isn’t an option to do the bare minimum and expect the same level of work and dedication from staff; enhancing employee engagement is an active process. Employees need to feel they are valued – that the business is worth their time and energy and that, in return, they will be provided with opportunities to grow and learn. 

How can this be achieved without a complete company overhaul?

Mintor’s chat-based business tools provide the solution. The tools integrate seamlessly with existing platforms and processes, meaning they are simple to implement. By processing all engagement tasks through WhatsApp – already used by 85% of South Africans – the Mintor tools allow you to ensure all your employees are connected. In addition, this allows you to connect with more potential employees and source candidates from wider communities. 

Numerous employees can submit requests simultaneously and receive instant support, eliminating time-consuming email and paperwork admin at both ends. Employees are empowered to take more responsibility in tracking their performance, hours, leave and pay. Managers are freed from repetitive tasks and can focus on providing more specialised employee support instead.

Mintor can be used to provide faster and more effective skills training. This encourages employee development that might otherwise be hard to achieve remotely. In turn, this fosters development of the overall organisation or business. All of this comes at around a third of the cost of alternative approaches, effectively making it a no-brainer. 

Choose Mintor and close the digital divide between your business and its employees, as well as the wider workforce. By staying connected, you ensure your employees get the help and support they need,  whenever they need it, which in turn will enhance the engagement you receive back from them. 

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