Learn how to reduce payslip admin with technology

With a significant portion of payroll functions tied up in administrative tasks, there’s a growing demand to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

According to payingpeople.com, a significant number, 67%, of the payroll function is administrative in nature. This statistic highlights the need for innovative solutions to reduce the burden of manual tasks and free up time for more strategic thinking and people management. Payroll leaders are increasingly recognising the potential of technology to address these challenges and enhance the payroll experience for all stakeholders.

With a significant portion of payroll functions tied up in administrative tasks, there’s a growing demand to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. One area ready for improvement is the humble payslip, a document often overlooked but crucial for both employees and employers alike.

When surveyed about their priorities regarding payroll and technology, several key themes emerged:

Employee self-service (ESS) – There is a strong emphasis on empowering employees through self-service capabilities and the more mobile the better. With 62% of payroll leaders choosing improved employee self-service as a top priority, there is a clear recognition of the benefits of enabling employees to access their pay information and manage related tasks anywhere and anytime. Imagine a world where employees can access their payslips on a chat app, they already know like WhatsApp, and utilising the power of chatbots.

Integration with other HR technologies – Integration with HR tech is a priority for 42% of payroll leaders. By seamlessly connecting payroll systems with other HR tools such as performance management or time-tracking solutions, organisations can create a more holistic view of employee data and streamline processes across the board.

Improving communication – Another key focus area, with 40% of payroll leaders prioritising better pay communication with the workforce. Clear and transparent communication regarding pay-related information can help foster trust and satisfaction among employees. On-demand solutions that provide easy channels for communication, feedback, and notifications, like WhatsApp chatbots, can greatly enhance communication for a large deskless workforce.

Automation – There is also a growing demand for automation in the generation of payslips and ensuring compliance with regulations. By leveraging automation technologies, organisations can reduce errors, enhance accuracy, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

Mobile solutions – There is a push towards increasing the use of mobile solutions, with 32% of payroll leaders aiming to leverage mobile platforms for payroll-related tasks. In an increasingly mobile-centric world, and specifically for a deskless workforce, providing employees with access to their pay information on-the-go can greatly enhance convenience and accessibility.

The integration of technology holds great promise for transforming the payslip experience. By addressing priorities such as employee self-service, integration with other HR tech, improved pay communication, automation, and mobile solutions, organisations can streamline payroll processes, enhance employee satisfaction, and drive overall efficiency.

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