Transform your business with Mintor’s chat-based solutions

Our chat-based solutions help businesses bridge the digital divide and radically enhance people’s engagement with chatbot and AI-powered solutions.

Boost business productivity and operational efficiency. Save time and reduce costs with chat-based HR automation. Empower employees with self-service tools including payslips, leave applications and timesheets.

Connect with employees anywhere. Encourage employees to be more proactive and take responsibility for their goals. Broadcast leadership communication, receive instant employee feedback, answer important HR questions, and manage HR support all in one chat app. 

Transform workforce recruitment. Widen your pool of candidates by recruiting from digitally disconnected communities. Automate the application, screening and interview processes and save 40% recruitment time.

Automate onboarding within their favourite app. Get your new workforce ready for work with chatbot tools that explain critical processes, health and safety guidelines, corporate policies, and compliance.

Enhance employee engagement. A connected workforce and supply chain enhance operational efficiency and achieve business goals faster. Frequent feedback, timely assessments, 360 feedback and employee surveys can enhance employee satisfaction and support your retention strategies. 

Continuous learning and education. Transform your development and retention strategies with chat-based learning. Establish a consistent training program across remote regions in multiple languages and evaluate the outcome at a faster pace.

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