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Learn how the BPO Academy saved corporates time and provided more quality candidates from their BEE learnership and internship programs.

Finding and keeping quality recruits is not an easy task. The pool of quality candidates are small in communities that are not digitally connected and for corporates that operate an out-of-office workforce in these communities it is hard to find and keep good-fit employees. Employee engagement and satisfaction are other core areas to ensure staff retention and these areas also take up a large percentage of HR management time. What if you could save 40% time on recruitment? Read more …  

The BPO skills academy (BSA) is an education services organisation accredited with various SETA’s that provides specialist skills development and job creation programs nationally. The Institution delivers high impact skills development programmes for the private, public and donor funding environment. BSA was founded in 2015 as a SETA accredited training provider with a fully developed quality management system, processes and deep domain expertise. They develop and implement leadership and internship programs for corporates to help them close the skills gap and grow employment opportunities for young people in South Africa.

Mintor supported BPO over the last year with numerous recruitment programs, enabling them to source talent from previously disconnected communities to select best-fit candidates from a wider pool of people using WhatsApp tools. As a result of this chat-based and AI-driven process, the organisation saved 40% on their recruitment time, reduced repetitive administrative tasks, and found quality recruits for their corporate clients. 

Learn how Mintor's chat-based recruitment solution enabled BPO skills academy (BSA) to find quality candidates at a fraction of the normal time.

BSA’s clients  experienced a 70% improvement in talent retention with an increased number of quality recruits. One particular recruitment drive of a Contact Centre, Consulta, broke records. Consulta struggled for many weeks to find just a few potential candidates that would be a good fit. When Mintor was engaged, over 10,000 applicants were sourced and screened within just 3 days and 9/10 interviews moved forward with quality matching. 

Another client, Tiger Wheel & Tire, was so happy with the quality candidates that was shortlisted with Mintor’s chat-based recruitment solutions, that they ended up creating even more internship opportunities than previously planned and took on 120% of candidates found through Mintor.

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