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Businesses have achieved time savings of 40% to 80% using chat-based and AI-driven recruitment processes. Mintor can help, let's chat.

There are a number of challenges large and small businesses face when recruiting for their deskless workforce. Considerations range from reaching the desired number of applicants, applicants’ suitability for roles, and the time, complexity and cost of the recruitment process. Case studies confirm that WhatsApp-based systems exceed businesses’ expectations across the board. 

  • Attract more applicants
  • Reach a wider scope of applicants
  • Automated applicant screening and shortlisting
  • Free up resources with a WhatsApp job application process
  • Save time and effort through chat-based solutions, AI-enhanced recruitment, and applicant tracking systems (ATS).

While businesses may be accustomed to traditional paper-based recruiting processes or web-based application systems, and sceptical of newer technologies, a quick examination makes it abundantly clear that WhatsApp chat-based solutions do away with all the shortcomings and introduce previously unavailable benefits. 

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Reaching Applicants

Meeting recruitment quotas requires contact with a sufficient number of prospective candidates, followed by submission of their application. Mintor’s WhatsApp recruitment tool is available to candidates no matter where they are situated, potentially increasing recruiters’ reach by orders of magnitude.

WhatsApp is used universally across the spectrum of age groups, genders and income groups making it the go-to choice to reach recruitment candidates. People’s familiarity with WhatsApp, supported by Mintor’s intuitive user interface make the guided application process easy for applicants. The ability to customise the application process to accommodate various language speakers further boosts reach and engagement.

In one case the number of applicants increased by 200% with a chat-based application process. Some businesses further increase the effectiveness of job applications through educational drives which teach basic skills in creating a CV.

The move to chat-based recruiting definitively creates a paradigm shift, curbing the multiple challenges characteristic of traditional paper-based recruitment processes.

Processing Applications

Businesses have achieved time savings of 40% to 80% using chat-based and AI-driven processes. Supported by artificial intelligence algorithms, the application process screens for ideal candidates accurately, efficiently and quickly. There are multiple benefits including:

  • The screening process ensures accurate selection.
  • Talent retention improves with quality-fit recruits.
  • Repetitive and error prone manual processing is side-stepped.
  • The faster selection process spares HR resources which can be allocated to other organisational needs.
  • Financial savings due to automated processes.

These factors unite to provide a win-win outcome for businesses and applicants alike. Furthermore the increased quantity and quality of recruits provides the opportunity for business expansion.

Making the Shift

Transitioning from archaic paper-based processes to WhatsApp chat-based and AI-driven recruitment is an obvious choice. Mintor’s team of experts are actively supporting businesses taking advantage of these technologies.

Mintor’s expertise and industry specific knowledge make the change to chat-based recruitment optimal and hassle-free, while providing insight and guidance into implementing and profiting from opportunities previously unavailable.

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