Workforce self-service can improve job satisfaction

Making routine and special business administrative processes easily accessible and manageable for a workforce through a WhatsApp chat-based platform has numerous benefits to both the business and employee.

Making routine and special business administrative processes easily accessible and manageable for a workforce through a WhatsApp chat-based platform has numerous benefits to both the business and employee. For the business, streamlined and simple processes prevent backlogs, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce workload, and enhance operational efficiency. When the workforce has on-the-go access to their business resources, the hassle-free admin experience improves job satisfaction, reduces time away from tasks, and creates a culture of responsibility and autonomy.


A few of the applications for WhatsApp chat-based business services:

  • File sharing within businesses, including processes and policies
  • Empowering workforce with self-managed time sheets
  • Workforce self-service, including leave requests
  • Time-consuming requests, like payslip requests
  • Business support

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Document Sharing

Real-time document sharing can be a critical component in maintaining safety, communicating policy and process changes, and reaching a remote workforce when time is of the essence. WhatsApp business tools features are easy to use and make communication with the workforce efficient and immediate.

Workforce Self-Service

An attractive feature of WhatsApp chat-based solutions is that a wide array of business processes can be integrated into the platform, based on each business’s unique needs.

Business functions like leave requests have normally required employees to rely on their HR office for application and processing, however, WhatsApp chat-based solutions decentralise the process, making it accessible to employees from their own mobile devices. Apart from making routine leave submissions a pleasant experience for the workforce, this functionality facilitates an easier experience in short-notice leave applications, when unexpected or emergency situations arise.

Whichever business processes are made available to the workforce, the chat-based facility results in productivity remaining high and reduces time off the job by managing processes from the convenience of the workforce’s own mobile devices, in addition to convenient, user-friendly and efficient processes being a crowd pleaser.

Empowerment Through Self-Management

Fostering a culture of workforce autonomy and empowerment has never been more accessible or fast with the use of WhatsApp chat-based solutions. Self-managed time sheets are a prime example of how a workforce can take ownership of aspects of their performance. Integrating other procedures into the digital platform is a welcome departure for both workforce and HR from archaic and inefficient paper-based processes.

Save Time and Money

One of the most frequent workforce requests are payslips. Behind-the-scenes costs for this service are materials, printing and distribution, let alone the hidden toll on productivity incurred by employees having to be away from their duties. With the advent of digital functions, employees can access their payslips with the simplicity and convenience of a few taps on their own mobile phones, whenever they desire, wherever they are. This not only saves on multiple costs but is an invaluable bonus especially for remote employees.

Business Support

Individual and bulk chat functions allow the workforce to engage with their office effortlessly with instantaneous messaging wherever they may be situated. This simply and inexpensively solves a variety of challenges business may face, particularly with a widely distributed workforce.

These examples of some of the most common workforce needs clearly demonstrate the supreme benefits of WhatsApp for business features for modern businesses. Chat-based solutions and tools are attractive as the variety of business functions which can be integrated are wide-ranging and adaptable to specific scenarios and unique needs.


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