Online Training and Development Boosts Workforce Productivity

Employers of large-volume workforces know the importance of training and development to maintain productivity, safety, and organisational growth.

Employers of large-volume workforces know the importance of training and development to maintain productivity, safety, and organisational growth. Traditional methods and platforms have presented significant limitations to the scope of content, cost, and timing of training and development programmes.

Digital platforms, however, offer a revolutionary approach to workforce learning, while keeping things simple and intuitive, and increasing effectiveness.

Key benefits to WhatsApp chat-based learning tools:

  • Reach the entire workforce, whether they are remotely based or in hybrid office situations.
  • Learning on the go. Learning material, quizzes, and training media are facilitated on users’ own mobile devices.
  • Workforce engagement. Accessible learning makes it easy for employees to actively engage with their skills development journey.
  • Catering for unique needs. Training and development and professional growth needs can be assessed and responded to in real time.

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Regular Training to Maintain Productivity and Safety

Regular training is an effective and reliable method of maintaining a workforce’s skills-currency, productivity and familiarity with critical processes and procedures, like health and safety. Chat-based solutions fulfil these functions while providing options for both deepening and broadening learning.

This online training platform makes learning material easily accessible on user’s own devices, thereby increasing engagement. WhatsApp tools also offer interactive chat-based learning with multimedia and follow-up knowledge quizzes. The applications are endless, ranging from soft skills training to interview preparation and much more.

Making training and development resources within easy reach is a widely visible demonstration of leadership’s commitment to workforce engagement while simultaneously enhancing and boosting productivity and promoting a business’s growth.

Catering for Unique Workforce Training and Development Needs

The training and developmental needs of a diverse workforce cannot be met by a one-fits-all approach. Training solutions also need to account for remote workforce considerations, the need to maintain productivity and optimised operational efficiency, access to training platforms, and learning styles which cater for a wide scope of educational backgrounds. WhatsApp chat-based training solutions can easily be adapted to cater for all these elements. The same technology can be used to identify and plan for a workforce’s unique training needs, developmental areas, skills and talents.

Assessing, Understanding and Fulfilling Opportunities for Growth

WhatsApp tools provide leadership the ability to engage with the full scope of its workforce, gaining insight into individuals’ professional growth aspirations and needs. With the technology at hand on their personal devices, employees are easily and conveniently able to play an active role in shaping their careers, while giving leadership the information needed to respond to any skills gaps, training needs, and learning and development trends.

The combined features of WhatsApp tools, including chat-based learning solutions, enhance a workforce’s productivity, and in turn a business’s growth. The benefits of this technology are unprecedented in its effortless integration into existing businesses, ease of access, mobility, and affordability.

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