WhatsApp byte-sized learning can cultivate behavioural change and productivity habits

The traditional approach to education and training is no longer sufficient to keep up with the demands of the ever-evolving learning landscape.

We find ourselves in an era where microlearning is taking centre stage, reshaping how we acquire knowledge and skills. We are pioneering this positive shift by combining the power of WhatsApp and bite-sized learning to cultivate behavioural change and productivity habits.

The Growing Importance of Accessible and Flexible Learning Solutions

The traditional office or classroom-based learning model, with rigid schedules and location-dependent constraints, is no longer compatible with the demands of fast-paced modern living or disconnected communities. People have multiple responsibilities or limited access to the Internet, making it challenging to allocate large chunks of time for learning. This is where accessible and flexible learning solutions come into play, ensuring that individuals can learn at their own pace and on their own terms. We have recognised this shift and are at the forefront of providing innovative learning solutions that cater to these evolving needs.

Mintor's Bite-Sized Learning Approach

Mintor enables bite-sized learning, a concept designed to break down complex topics into smaller, digestible information units, and delivery via WhatsApp, a chat app that most people use daily for communication. This method aligns perfectly with fact-paced and disconnected living, making it easier to access and retain information and shift towards changing habits whether that is for individual self-development, skills development by NGOs or corporate and workforce training. 

Mintor’s chat-based learning tools allow learners to access content, quizzes, and exercises directly through WhatsApp, making learning an integral part of their daily routine. The platform allows multimedia content delivery, including text, images, and videos, ensuring engaging and diverse learning content. This dynamic approach keeps learners motivated and actively engaged in the learning process.

One of the most significant advantages of Mintor’s tools is the ability to empower learning anytime, anywhere. With content delivered through WhatsApp, learners have the flexibility to access learning content on their smartphones, whether during a commute, lunch break, or in the evening. This accessibility ensures that learning fits seamlessly into individuals’ lives, removing the barriers that previously hindered continuous education and skills development.

How can Mintor's chat-based learning help?

Mintor’s bite-sized learning approach has applications across various domains, for example:

  • For skills development, people can easily learn new competencies and adapt to evolving job requirements through short, focused lessons.
  • Onboarding becomes more efficient, enabling new hires access to information about important policies, processes, roles and tasks anywhere.
  • Policy education and corporate compliance training benefit from bite-sized formats, ensuring employees grasp critical guidelines and regulations concisely and effectively.
  • Bite-sized learning can also be an incredibly helpful tool to manage change within your business and cultivate habits to improve productivity. 
  • Bite-sized learning is also valuable in delivering critical information, processes and skills development in easier and more accessible formats for non-profits. 

Case studies that demonstrate Mintor's capability to transform learning experiences

Empowering Learning Anytime, Anywhere with Mintor’s Tools

Facilitating training for a remote workforce is very costly, time-consuming and often ineffective. Cimory, the largest dairy company in Indonesia, decided to turn the tide and converted their training into chat-based delivery using Mintor’s platform. They were able to upskill their workforce all over the country, enabling them to learn on the go in bite-size chunks, as and when it suited their schedule. This not only ensured higher productivity but also improved the quality of their work.

Leadership development with bite-sized content

Mintor developed a daily habit-building WhatsApp tool for Nxt-9 with continuous leadership training through byte-sized content, explanatory images and videos. The tool motivates users to engage through gamification and
team-scoring leaderboards.

Nxt-9 delivered it to FNB’s business clients and mid-top level management with astounding results including a 90% twice-daily engagement over 3 months. This is such a great example of how byte-size learning can be utilised with a chat app that people use daily to make a difference in personal and professional development.

Mintor’s chat-based learning is ideal for global educational initiatives 

An award-winning international educational initiative, FAST Heroes educates millions of children and their parents across 27 countries on stroke symptoms and preventative actions, transformed their classroom and web-based training to chat-based delivery through Mintor’s chatbots and reached many more via Whatsapp, Viber and Facebook Messenger. Now, parents can access training on the go during their busy schedules and detect signs of stroke early on in their elderly communities. This health education approach empowers families to become frontline healthcare when and where it is needed most. 

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