How to receive and give a better candidate experience

Smart ways you can use Mintor's chat-based solutions to find candidates fast, help to improve the candidate experience and help them through the recruitment process on their favourite chat app.

Are you recruiting a large workforce that is digitally disconnected? Finding a large pool of potential candidates that are suitable for your workforce roles is nearly impossible with a paper-based recruitment process. Even HR teams that use advanced ERP, HR or digital systems find it hard to keep good candidates with limited Internet access engaged and involved throughout the recruitment process.

Understanding your candidate’s needs is a good start for instance:

  • Where do they live? – How good is their access to computers or phone data?
  • What language do they speak? – Interactive processes in their language will give you a much better chance to find good candidates.

Create a level playing field for all candidates by taking these important needs into consideration. Here are ways you can use Mintor’s chat-based solutions to find candidates fast and help them through the recruitment process on their favourite chat app while promoting equal opportunities.

Create and distribute job postings with ease.

Mintor’s chat-based application and registration process makes it easy to distribute new job postings anywhere and at any time. It helps candidates to find job opportunities in no time with a simple step-by-step approach via WhatsApp, an app that they already use and know. Click here to view our YouTube demo. 

Widen the pool with a simple chatbot application process.

With WhatsApp and chatbots, you can reach a much wider pool of candidates to ensure your jobs are filled in no time. Create opportunities for digitally disconnected communities throughout the country and help them find and apply for jobs, leaving no one behind. Employing from your local community doesn’t just fulfil your job needs, it also grows the local economy and improves job security. 

Automate the CV screening process.

Using AI you can sift through a mass of applications, making sure the shortlist of candidates matches your job descriptions and are more suitable for your specific roles. Paper-based shortlisting is a large administrative task and using AI to support HR teams with this task can help them focus on discussions and feedback with potential candidates. You can also fill your roles faster by reducing time in the recruitment process without compromising on a professional and caring candidate experience. Your employees are your future, and your entire workforce contributes to the quality and output of your business products and/or projects. The more welcome they feel, and the more accurately their skills are matched with your needs, the better quality product and/or project you will roll out in the marketplace. 

Setup meetings and send feedback via WhatsApp.

With Mintor’s chat-based solutions, there is no need for phone calls, email checks or the use of large amounts of data. Your HR team can automate and speed up the process from setting meetings to scheduling timely feedback when needed. Complete any application process via WhatsApp.

Save them time, money, and travel cost.

Candidates can complete most of the interview process via WhatsApp with step-by-step questionnaires, CV submissions, shortlist feedback and meeting setup. Your candidates can start and end their recruitment process in one place and only need to travel for the final interview. 

Give back to the community where you hire.

Improve the quality of your future candidates and workforce with our job seeker solutions. Help them create their CVs and learn essential interview skills in their favourite chat app and their language. Click here to view our demo. 

WhatsApp can help you save 80% on recruitment time

We supported a large company in the fishing industry, I&J (AVI Group), to transform their traditional paper-based job application process into a chat-based solution through Mintor’s WhatsApp recruitment tool.

For the first time, workforce applicants can apply from anywhere in the country right in their favourite app. This process uses very little data and save travel cost to repeat interviews. Candidates apply via WhatsApp and only need to travel to I&J offices for their final interview after they’ve been screened and shortlisted by Mintor’s matching algorithm.

As a result of this chat-based and AI-driven process, I&J doubled their usual number of applicants and saved 80% on their recruitment time by not having to deal with repetitive administrative work, hence freeing up time for the HR team to focus on other employee needs. 

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