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What are the benefits of tech in HR and how can Mintor's chat-based solutions help to enhance and expedite HR processes?

According to a recent Forbes survey, 80% of businesses are utilising HR software; however, an alarming 36% of HR professionals express a lack of sufficient technology. The HR software market is projected to grow by 10.4% in 2023, and advanced HR tech solutions are incorporating AI, chatbots, and chat apps to enhance and expedite HR processes.

What is HRIS?

Human resources information systems (HRIS) are systems that HR teams use for employee record keeping, payslips, leave management, time and attendance, training records, recruitment, and onboarding. Some examples include Sage, SAP, Zoho, Payspace, SimplePay, and Workday. HRIS can integrate capabilities like finance, accounting and operational management. Many of these solutions are cloud-based and require the Internet, a large amount of data and a computer device to access.

What are the benefits of tech in HR?

According to Gartner, HR Teams spend 20-30% of the workweek managing paper-based processes and physical documents. That adds up to roughly 12 hours per week. HR tech can help employees reach their full potential.

1 - Save time and resources

Automate routine tasks so that HR professionals can focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement. It helps to streamline and automate administrative tasks while saving time and resources.

2 - Provide a stellar candidate experience

AI and chatbots can help you with efficient sourcing of candidates anywhere, faster screening, and onboarding of candidates all in one place. Speed up your recruitment process up to 10x with HR Tech. 

3 - Improve employee engagement

Chatbots can help your employees find the information they need to follow regulations, policies, and legal requirements, reducing risks, accidents and potential penalties.

4 - Enable continuous learning

Upskill employees anywhere and any time with chat-based learning solutions. Retain your employees by providing the tools to grow within their current roles and create opportunities for them to grow to future roles. 

5 - Be up to date with compliance

Provide self-service options, mobile access, and personalised experiences to improve employee satisfaction. Provide seamless communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among HR teams and employees with chat apps.

6 - Simplify reporting and employee data

Enable better organisation, analysis, and utilisation of employee data for informed decision-making. Leverage analytics and reporting tools to extract valuable insights for strategic workforce planning and performance management.

How can Mintor's chat-based solutions help?

Mintor’s chat-based tech is a great add-on to enhance your existing HRIS solution. We plug into any HRIS as an AI-powered chat-based extension that enables your HRIS to automate processes powerfully via chatbots whilst engaging and providing a top-quality instant access service to your recruits and employees on the chat apps they already use for example WhatsApp.

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