Performance management with Mintor’s WhatsApp chatbots and AI integration

When done correctly, a well-planned performance management process can enhance work productivity, improve employee engagement, and cultivate a culture of innovation.

According to a study by Gartner, 81% of HR leaders are changing their performance management systems, and less than a fifth of HR leaders feel that performance management systems meet their employee development goals. Regular performance management and 360 feedback will be at the forefront of employee development in 2023. 

The importance of regular performance reviews

Regular performance reviews are essential because they provide a structured framework for ongoing workforce engagement and assessment. This continuous evaluation allows employees to receive timely insights into their performance and cultivates a culture of growth.

With regular performance reviews, HR and managers can align individual goals with the business objectives. This alignment promotes a sense of purpose and direction among the workforce, helping them understand how their work contributes to business success. Reviews also offer a platform for motivating employees to maintain high levels of engagement and commitment, leading to higher productivity and retention.

Mintor's chat-based solutions are leading the way!

Mintor offers a comprehensive solution that automates performance review cycles, cultivates continual progress monitoring of employee OKRs, and enhances employee engagement. What’s more, the integration of ChatGPT takes this solution to the next level by providing personalised guidance and support.

With the ability to automate 360-degree reviews and generate instant reports, HR teams can save valuable time and focus on more strategic tasks. Mintor’s bots also facilitate ongoing performance check-ins, ensuring that employees and managers stay aligned with individual and team objectives.

One of the standout features of Mintor’s solution is its integration with ChatGPT. This AI-powered virtual assistant provides employees with valuable insights and guidance on improving their areas of weakness. From setting SMART goals or developing specific skills, ChatGPT offers personalised recommendations that empower employees to grow.

But Mintor’s WhatsApp chat-based solutions go beyond evaluation; they actively support employee development. Mintor’s chatbot tools relay support requests, flag areas of concern to managers, and send motivational messages. This approach keeps employees on track and ensures they receive support and encouragement when facing challenges.

Mintor’s solution even includes gamified team scoring and rewards to add fun to the engagement process and boost engagement. Employees can compete in a friendly manner, cultivating healthy competition and collaboration within the workforce. Mintor’s WhatsApp chatbot integration empowers employees to stay on track and meet individual and team goals.

With automation, personalisation, and gamification at its core, this innovative solution redefines how companies approach performance management and evaluation. It’s not just about assessing past performance; it’s about cultivating growth, engagement, and continuous improvement, ultimately driving change and success in the workplace.

Mintor's performance management demo

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