The human value and impact of AI in HR is substantial

For HR teams managing a large workforce we take away robotic admin and enable HR to be more humane, giving teams the time to manage and reach more people from diverse backgrounds in a caring way.

AI is here to stay! It took Google 1 year and 2 months to reach 100 million users worldwide, TikTok took 8 months and Chat GPT took 2 months. AI is no longer something to embed into HR in the future, but more a discussion about what HR people can do now, what makes sense, and how to deploy AI in a secure way for the business.

AI enables HR to be less transactional and more relational and it empowers HR with instant access to deep data for better strategic decision making on the go. AI is a continuous learning machine, and it is good to plan changes step-by-step. AI is not a fixed or set box, and it will always evolve, so it is helpful to keep room for change within the process.

Here is an summary of our recent conversation about AI in HR with Job Crystal and Pulse. Click here to watch the full conversation on LinkedIn. 

Key benefits of Mintor’s Chat-based Solutions in HR include:


  • Mintor’s chatbots and AI reduce hiring time by nearly 75%, aiding in CV writing, interview preparation, and candidate screening from a wider pool. This improves job-to-candidate accuracy, enhancing retention and freeing up time for strategic discussions.
  • A new development in Mintor’s chat-based tools include natural language processing to assess job applicants’ verbal communication skills simply through a WhatsApp voice note.
  • AI significantly saves time in repetitive admin tasks throughout the employee lifecycle, including recruitment, onboarding, training, payslips, leave approvals, expense claims, and general queries.
  • AI and chatbots are valuable for deskless workforces, enabling job applications and support via messaging apps like WhatsApp.
  • Chatbots, enhanced with AI, can facilitate employee queries on company policies in a language they understand.
  • Chat GPT can be leveraged in training programs through chat apps, allowing employees to ask explanatory questions.

Here are some of the success stories where businesses integrated Mintor’s AI and chat-based solutions.

  • The time to manage HR support and queries was reduced by 80%.
  • Retention of new employees in the first year on the job increased by 70%.
  • Employee behavioural changes improved as much as three times following training via Mintor’s chat-based solutions.

AI can identify hidden talents and tailor development programs, enabling HR teams to focus on strategic matters.

Mintor’s AI and robotic process automation (RPA) have been successfully implemented in various scenarios. Real case examples of Mintor’s AI and RPA in action:

  • Mintor’s employee self-service solutions are available on a platform that employees already use and engage, helping HR to eliminate up to 80% of the admin associated with these tasks while caring about employees.
  • Mintor’s chat-based learning tools via WhatsApp enables training consultants like NXT-9 to bring training right down to entry and bottom level employees for corporates like FNB. Not only is this solution cost effective and accessible, but it is also engaging and fun with gamification.
  • Mintor’s recruitment tools enabled I&J to take their 100% paper-based recruitment process to 100% digital via WhatsApp chat bots, finally giving them the mechanism and the insights to become more inclusive and diverse in their selection process.
  • Mintor’s employee engagement survey tool transformed Nandos’ HR policies and benefits enabling them to attain the data they needed to manage their diverse demographics of staff over 7 countries.
  • Mintor’s free WhatsApp application, CV building tool and soft skills training tools reduced job applicants’ costs by 90% and have empowered 100,000 youth job seekers in South Africa with no human involvement, 100% automated and via accessible WhatsApp chatbots. 

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